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We Are Pressing Pause For The Planet

Written by Kate Pietrasik


Posté le avril 12 2020

Have you heard? We decided not to mass manufacture any new styles a few months ago.
What a relief we took that decision, even before the lock-down.

Truth be told Brexit already had devastating consequences for our wholesale business. And this changing landscape of retail has led to a drop in forward orders from our boutiques and resellers, therefore we have decided to halt wholesale and concentrate on developing our sustainability, classic direct-to-customer collections and a more ethical approach to manufacturing.

We already have a warehouse chock full of classic, fantastic quality, ethically produced clothing and believe that if we press pause on production – even for a little while – not only will we help towards building a more sustainable planet but a healthier business for Tootsa’s future too.

There’s no need for constant newness & fast fashion is stuffocating the earth so look out for the Tootsa “Re-Loved” logo and buy an item that could’ve ended up sold on to clearance buyers & landfill!! All Re-Loved items are discounted to reflect the fact they’re not in our ‘evergreen’ or Classic collection – so once they’re gone, they’re gone – whilst stocks last!