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Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, and now Repair!

Written by Kate Pietrasik


Posté le décembre 07 2018

Being Eco-conscious is a top priority for Tootsa and so we’ve added the 4th and final R to our sustainable credentials – Repair!


Designing unisex collections to reuse and hand-me-down has been top of the Tootsa manifesto since our birth in 2011. To re-use is the ultimate form of recycling and the R that will have the least impact on the environment. Never forget Unisex is sustainable!



We only manufacture with the best factories to ensure a quality built to last and reducing the amount of garments you’ll need to buy. We have also moved away from using plastic envelopes, further decreasing our impact on the planet and the footprint we leave behind.



Did you know you could send your old Tootsa clothes back to us in exchange for a discount off your next order? Pre-Loved Tootsa clothes are sorted and collated at the Tootsa warehouse and then passed on to The Royal Trinity Hospice to be sold in one of the charity’s 28 shops across London. And these returns won’t cost you a penny either if you use our free returns service! You can find all the details here.

Tootsa has also just launched new mailing bags, made from 100% recycled materials. No more ugly, single use plastic for us!


After your Tootsa purchase has been worn a lot, washed a lot and handed-on-down a zipper may inevitably give up, a snap button has enough of snapping, and a hole may appear in the knees of a favourite pair of cords, but please don’t throw them away!

Tootsa are consciously buying better, choosing well, and making it last with the four Rs!

The fact remains that the global fashion and textile industry is one of the most polluting and environmentally damaging industries, as such we all need to disrupt the current model, reduce throwaway fashion and find a way towards more sustainable practices. Who’s in?