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Rainbow Art Projects (Boredom Busters Part 2!)

Written by Kate Pietrasik


Posté le avril 24 2020

One thing that has proven wonderful for mental health is art!
And, given the circumstances, what could be better than making some cheery artwork to decorate your home? 

Here are a couple of bright, rainbow coloured art projects we have loved.
Give them a go and let us know!

1) Make A Yarn Wrapped Rainbow

Ruby made a miniature one using just 4 colours which is really cute and easy to do in just an hour or so. The bigger ones do take a lot longer, however they are the perfect activity to accompany a cosy evening (or 4!) in front of Netflix!

What you need:
Rope (or string) – we have 12mm cotton rope but you can also use several
strands of string bound together.
Yarn – Ruby chose wool. Any colourful yarn will do, I really like using colourful hemp.
Sharp Scissors.
Masking or Washi Tape.
Thin Garden Wire.
Strong Glue.
A Little Brush to finish!

How to instructions (in the video here!):


2) Make Colourful Family Portraits

We found inspiration for this project in a cafe in Barcelona one Autumn.
Aren’t these wonderful? I love the bright, solid background colours so much I thought we’d give them a go ourselves!

What you need:
Thick paper or card.
A soft pencil.
Colourful Paints, brushes and water.

We used Gouache paints as these are easy to use and mix, and are quick to dry in lovely solid, flat
bright colours. Acrylic paint (or poster paint) will work too.

How to instructions:
First lightly sketch the shape of the head and shoulders nice and large on the page.
This is just to use as a guide and won’t show once you start painting.

Next, get painting! Layering up the colours. Start with the face and shoulders and finish with the background.
I think the important thing is to fill the page! Always fill the page!!
As a matter of fact, this goes for most drawings and paintings …and never fails to look great!

This gorgeous set of portraits now take pride-of-place on the wall of our little box toilet room!
They always make me smile!