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Let Them Be Little

Written by Kate Pietrasik


Posté le juin 25 2019

#LetThemBeLittle has been in the trusty Tootsa manifesto since our conception 9 years ago.
I thought it’d be a good time to introduce you & let you know why!

Tootsa believes there should be no hurry to grow-up. Childhood is precious (& short) and in a world of mass media and industry that continues to sell miniature adult fashions, make up, heeled shoes and harmful slogans that sexualise young children – Tootsa (thankfully along with many other small, Indy brands) are here to offer up an alternative.

Unfortunately we’ve to navigate our children through tsunamis of entertainment and celebrity that encourage girls to believe their sexual attractiveness is paramount, that tells them that the most important
quality they need is ‘sexiness’, and not cleverness, sportiness, application or ambition! Sadly it’s a fact that girls and young women are being forced to grow up at an unnatural pace and
the Mental Health Foundation found that premature sexualisation and the pressure to grow up too quickly are two key influences in the anxiety felt by girls. And this leads to low self-esteem,
poor academic performance, depression, and eating disorders such as anorexia.

So what’s the hurry? let’s make the right choices, nurture our individuals, allow them the time to be children and Let Them Be Little!
I would love to hear your thoughts & experiences on this!