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Guaranteed Boredom Busters!

The Summer Holidays are fast approaching so here's a selection of boredom busting activites to keep them busy this Summer.

Making Colourful Family Portraits

We found inspiration for this project in a cafe in Barcelona one Autumn.

I love the bright, solid background colours so much I thought we’d give them a go ourselves!

What you need:

Thick paper or card.

A soft pencil.

Colourful Paints, brushes and water.

We used Gouache paints as these are easy to use and mix, and are quick to dry in lovely solid, flat bright colours. Acrylic paint (or poster paint) will work too.

How to instructions:

First lightly sketch the shape of the head and shoulders nice and large on the page.

This is just to use as a guide and won’t show once you start painting.

Next, get painting! Layering up the colours. Start with the face and shoulders and finish with the background.

I think the important thing is to fill the page! Always fill the page!!

As a matter of fact, this goes for most drawings and paintings …and never fails to look great!


Making Music With Incredibox

Part game, part music tool, Incredibox is such a fabulous audio and visual experience which is sure to be a hit with all the family. With just the right mix of music, graphics, animation and interactivity it makes this such satisfying fun. Apparently it has even been used by schools all over the world!

This app is so much fun to use, and you really don’t need to be a musical genius, as it’s pretty much impossible to make something that sounds bad… even for toddlers!

Free on your home computer here

or download the The App


Lions And Tigers, And Bears…. Oh My!

Have you tried the new Augmented Reality search in Google?

Search for your favourite animal and find the Google preview image. From there, tap “View in 3D,” and Google will put an animated 3D model on your screen. Click on “View in your space,” point your phone at the floor, and it’ll switch you to an AR view of the animal on your phone.

Tah-Dah! A whole zoo in your home,

Fun For All The Family!


Egg Carton Menagerie

With our local centre closed during the pandemic our recycling pile got a little out of control!!
But we had fun turing the egg cartons into animals.
All you need are some scissors, glue and paint ….and your imagination!
Re-Use, Re-Cycle, Re-Make!