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Thank You!

Written by Kate Pietrasik


Posted on April 06 2020

Thank you to everyone who has shopped with us over the past couple of weeks.
Every sale is celebrated…. & much needed at the moment. And a special thank you if you’ve bought a gift voucher rather than click away.

I don’t want to back any needless shopping and don’t want you to feel guilty if you can’t afford to shop full-price ….or at all. But if you have Thank you!

I also want to let you know, due to the back-to-back challenges of Brexit and now the Corona Virus we won’t be running any further sales. The prices on the website will remain as such so that we can continue to pay our warehouse (who are still sending whilst taking every precaution & safety measure to protect them and you), our tiny team of staff (working from home), our suppliers and free repair service, hassle free returns and exchanges, our charitable commitments & the general bills & expenses that enable us to survive as a business …..and hopefully still be here when life returns back to “normal”.

So! If you’ve got your eyes on something but are awaiting a further discount I’m afraid we won’t be offering any….we simply cannot afford to ….in every sense of the word!
Much love to you all,

Kate and the Tootsa team x