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Holiday Chat with Five Inspiring Instagram mums | + Win Prizes!

Written by Kate Pietrasik


Posted on August 02 2016

We’ve asked some inspiring women & mothers to tell us what makes a summer holiday special to them and share their #Welovetootsa pics. We had a quick chat with Fashion editor and style blogger Erica Davies from The-Edited, the Insta-cool Zoe de Pass of Dress Like A Mum, and award winning bloggers Fritha Quinn of TigerLilly Quinn, Katie Ellison of Mummy Daddy Me and gorgeous mama Natalie Alexis Lee who writes Style Me Sunday.

But to kick our holiday chat off we wanted to share some snaps and thoughts from Kate Pietrasik,  Tootsa’s very own super talented founder and designer.

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Kate Pietrasik – Founder & Designer of Tootsa

Ruby, Kate’s daughter, wearing her Tootsa dress

What makes a great family holiday?

A nice big rented house with friends and family. The house would have a pool or ideally be close to a beach with surf. Lots of sunshine, good company, new experiences and adventures and plenty of good food & wine!

Do you have a family holiday memory which you really treasure – something that always springs to mind?

It’s the routine of my childhood Summer holidays in France and Spain that always spring to mind…  the ferry, the drive through France, the over night stopover in a little hotel with florally wallpaper and sausage shaped pillows, the picnics along the way (cheese and baguettes and discovering ‘Grape Juice’ for the first time), and then the arrival at our rented ‘Gite’ which we’d share with family friends.

Then it’d be the late night shared meals, keeping scrapbook holiday diaries (with sketches, wine & cheese labels, & tickets stuck in), trips to the beach or a river to swim and feeding the local stray cats and dogs on our back door step. And then, prior to the long drive home, we’d aways stock up on the coolest French ‘back-to-school’ supplies! 

Kate’s fiancé , James and his daughter Evie rocking a classic Tootsa dress.

Fritha Quinn – TigerLilly Quinn

Fritha’s son practising his photographic skills whilst wearing Tootsa striped jeans and striped jersey cotton T-shirt.

What makes a great family holiday?

As a blogger it’s really hard to switch off, with social media you can feel like you are ‘on’ 24/7 so when it comes to holidays I try really hard to make that dedicated family time. I love how when you are away you really don’t need to worry much about anything more than where to eat, what time to head to the pool or who can build the biggest sandcastle! 

Do you have a holiday memory you really treasure?

We travelled a lot as children, one of my favourites was travelling around Spain with my big brother and parents in a grey BMW Campervan! I’d love to do more travelling with my little family. 

Zoe de Pass – Dress Like A Mum

Twinning is winning! Zoe and her daughter in their Tootsa x Saltwater sandals

What memories of family holidays do you treasure most?

Now I am a mother: I love spending quality time with my family – noticing new things about them, watching their confidence and personalities develop and grow. 

When I was a kid: I loved the adventure of it all. We used to go to Cornwall a lot as a child so I have fond memories of learning to surf and being a bit cold, but happy on a windswept beach.

What makes the perfect destination for a family holiday?

For me it is more about the situation than the destination. Once you have children it becomes more important to have the things you need to make your life easier. We recently went on a Mark Warner ski holiday which was brilliant, we all had such a great time as the childcare and set-up was so perfect for families. I also love a beach holiday – we had the most amazing time in Ibiza in an Air BnB house with space for the kids to run around chasing lizards.

Katie Ellison – Mummy Daddy Me

Katie’s new son and two daughters wearing Tootsa raglan sleeve t-shirts. Katie knows just how to use the light to capture stunning images.

Do you have a holiday memory which you really treasure?

I just love going on holiday with my family. There’s nothing better than making memories you will treasure forever. One memory that really stands out is watching them in the pool. They always just have happiness etched on their faces and the biggest smiles. It is what a holiday is all about.

As a mum of three what do you always pack in your hand luggage?

I always pack a camera, some sweetie bribes for the children, a pair of sunglasses and our iPad to entertain them on the plane. I pack a book or a magazine for me too, but I rarely get to read it!

Erica Davies – The-Edited

Erica’s daughter wearing her Tootsa dress and sandals – a collaboration with Tootsa x Saltwater

What makes a great family holiday?

A great family holiday is one that has something for everyone. My husband and I love being spoiled and not having to make beds every day, getting to see local sights and culture, while the kids love being busy and active! It’s also a time where we can all just be together.

Do you have a special memory of a family holiday you really treasure?

I absolutely loved a trip to Australia I did with my own parents as a teenager – which was memorable for so many reasons, but mainly because the flight took 36 hours from start to finish! Mum and dad were on a budget so we stopped everywhere! I hope we can create amazing memories for our own children.

We also just had to include these gorgeous photos by uber stylish and smart lady Natalie Alexis Lee who writes the brilliant Style Me Sunday .

Nat’s oldest daughter looking delicious in her Tootsa ‘Allo sweatshirt and denim shorts

Nat’s two little ones digging around on the beach wearing Tootsa dresses.


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Thank you to all the inspiring Mums who contributed to this blog post.

By Julia Smee | Tootsa PR and Brand Manager.