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Help Refugees

Written by Kate Pietrasik


Posted on June 19 2018

It’s World Refugee Day and this year we are joining the United Nations in commemorating the strength, courage and perseverance of millions of refugees.

Wednesday June 20th also marks a key moment for the public to show support for families forced to flee because of conflict and war.

• On average, a staggering 42,500 people per day leave their homes and seek protection within the borders of their own country or other countries.
• If the people displaced and dispossessed formed a nation they’d be the 24th largest country in the world!
• And it’d be a young nation – of the 20 million refugees worldwide, 51% are under the age of 18.

Raise Money For The Hope Hospital

This year, Tootsa will be showing our support whilst helping to raise some money for those in need. As such we will be donating £5 from the sale of every ‘No Future Without Me’ T-shirt to
the Help Refugees charity.

Available in Tootsa Tots Sizes 0-6m to 18-24m & Tootsa Kids Sizes 2-3y to 8-10y

Our organic Cotton T-shirts will be raising money for The Hope Hospital Fund, supporting doctors in Syria at the Hope Hospital in Northern Aleppo.

The Hope Hospital Is A Very Special Place
• It is the only paediatric hospital in Aleppo in Syria, serving a community of over 170,000 people.
• It was opened in 2017 after a crowdfunding campaign but now if funds aren’t raised, Hope Hospital will be forced to close.
• It provides incubators for new born babies, treatments for pregnant and postnatal women and lifesaving surgical operations to those injured in the conflict.
• In less than two years, working under incredibly dangerous conditions, the doctors and nurses have provided life-saving medical support for more than 16,400 children. It has provided 47,700 consultations, and tackled 444 emergencies.

It was opened in 2017 after a crowdfunding campaign but if funds aren’t raised Hope Hospital will be forced to close.

Keep The Pressure – Sign The UN Petition:

As a small, independent brand Tootsa knows that the money we raise will be a small contribution, but vitally we believe the more people we can get to think, talk and support refugees and those living in war torn countries – the more we can work together collectively to help.

In September 2016, global leaders agreed to work towards a Global Compact on refugees in 2018 where all parts of society stand together with refugees and do their fair share instead of leaving individual states to bear the burden of mass forced displacement.
But, as always,  it is up to the public to continue to put pressure on their governments to keep their promise and make sure the promises are kept:
• Every refugee child gets an education.
• Every refugee family has somewhere safe to live.
• Every refugee can work or learn new skills to support their families.

Show your support by using the hashtag #WithRefugees and signing the UN petition to keep the pressure on global leaders to keep their promise that every country will help refugees.
You can sign here.