What to do with Washi Tape?

It was recently my daughter’s third birthday. Having forgotten to buy wrapping paper I spontaneously wrapped all her gifts in plain brown craft paper. I used neon pink Washi tape instead of regular Sellotape and it worked a dream! Not only did the parcels look fantabulous (if I do say so myself) but they were really easy to pry open with eager little fingers!

A stickler for delicious looking stationary I have rolls of this “MT Washi tape” stuff kicking around the house & office. It’s super versatile and they are so temptingly pretty stacked in complimentary colours and wrapped in their waxy paper (8) Who can resist!?

If you want to look at some delicious stationary on line, I highly recommend Present and Correct and here are some ideas of what to do with the stuff once you’ve given in to temptation!

1 – Great for sticking stuff up with, temporarily or permanently. Brilliant for mood boards! Found here

2 – Check out this lovely Neon themed children’s party and I bet those tape colours would look just as good, if not better, on regular brown cardboard boxes!

3 – Use instead of highlighter pens. Especially for super organised types that like to keep nice neat diaries. Found here

4 – Make mini bunting. So simple! Found here

5, 6 & 8 – Stationary deliciousness!

7 – How cool would this be for a wedding or a special occasion? This little mini featured at the MT washi tape expo
last year. Yes! there’s an expo dedicated to coloured masking tape & it’s versatility! Found here

9, 10 & 11 – My favourite; Why not make your own “Teip City”?! An idea from this gorgeous Norwegian family blog.

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