Surfers Against Sewage

Believe it or not Summer is here… oh yes, yes it is!

Umpteen rolls of packing tape, countless cardboard boxes, several box cutters and a few scrapes and bruises later and we have finally delivered to all of our stockists.

And what a bright, colourful, playful collection it is. A sight for sore eyes on these, still chilly, February days.
I am particularly fond of it, not least because it is inspired by something very close to my heart – the ocean, the beach, the sea. The surf.

Up until just a few years ago I surfed almost every day (since my teenage years) …I was nuts about it. I still am, although single motherhood and a move back to this beautiful, exciting city called London has meant I’ve had to park my beach-bum here …..for a while.
My daughter and I still spend our summer months down in the south west of France and surf any opportunity we get. Perhaps we will return to that lifestyle full-time again.
But in the meantime I am so proud to launch, as an integral part of our Summer range, this small collection of organic cotton t-shirts. Proceeds from the sale of each t-shirt will be donated to the environmental organisation “Surfers Against Sewage” and the tireless work they do campaigning to keep our beaches, oceans and the surf a clean and safe environment for our children to play.

These are available to buy on-line or in store at all our major stockists including John Lewis and Fenwick’s department stores.

Don’t be fooled into thinking “Surfers Against Sewage” is some niche organisation, they are actually the UK’s largest environmental campaign group (40,000+ Facebook followers can’t be wrong!). Here is a short documentary, hosted by “Toms”. It’s a great little introduction to SAS‘s fabulous work.


And when you’re done watching, think about signing their “POW” (protect our waves) petition or joining a beach clean-up next month.


And just because, I’ll pop this little video of World Surfing Champion – Carissa Moore here.
Inspiration for our daughters! (my little girl could watch this over-and-over!!)


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