Back to School

With the days getting a little shorter and the weather … not so desirable … we are determined not to lose the colour of summer. So as Autumn and Back To School approach we want to bring the bright with us.

This season we introduce our fantastic colourful ESK 3-Way Reversible Jacket available in Loch Blue (below) and Ivy Green. It’s waterproof body, bright rainbow colour blocking on the back, and reflective piping and panel will ensure children stay warm, dry, and easily visible as the evenings get darker. With a warm woollen tartan and faux sheepskin lining, the jacket features removable sleeves that can be zipped off transforming it into a fabulous reversible gilet. 3 coats in 1!


To compliment the jackets colourful stripes, we have found a few more items for Back To School that will ensure there is a rainbow in every day.

Back To School Rainbow Stripes

Herschel Heritage Malibu Backpack / 2 ESK 3-Way Reversible Jacket in Loch Blue / 3 Mini Markers from Hema / 4 Colour Me Fun Pixel Pencil Case / 5 Cheerful Pencil Set by Doodlebugz / 6 Nutcase Rainbow Stripe Skate Helmet / 7 Rainbow Stripe Happy Socks / 8 Molo Sejer Wellington Boots from Alex and Alexa / 9 Multi Stripe Gift Paper from Hema

Over at Common Sense Media they have some great suggestions for books to ease children back into the academic year. We love these ones chosen for 2-6 year olds –

Screen shot 2015-08-27 at 15.33.40

If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, Don’t! by Elise Parsley – “a delightfully offbeat cautionary tale narrated by main character Magnolia, who warns readers not to make the mistake she did — because it landed her in the principal’s office. The art is hilarious and captures the resulting mayhem when Magnolia brings an alligator in for show-and-tell.”

Monkey: Not Ready for Kindergarten by Marc Brown – “soothes preschoolers’ worries about starting kindergarten. Monkey isn’t sure he’ll make new friends, like the snacks, or find the bathroom, but one by one his fears are assuaged as he realizes he’s perfectly ready to transition to the experience.”

Dory and the Real True Friend, by Abby Hanlon – “the sequel to Dory Fantasmagory and stars a wildly imaginative 6-year-old. Dory is starting first grade and and has to leave her imaginary friend Mary behind. At school, she meets equally imaginative Rosabelle, and the two have exciting adventures, many featuring the imaginary friends and foes from Book 1.”

by Lisa Dwyer Hogg

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