Lets Play!

Have a read of this and this ….oh! and this ….and then go….get out side!
Run, jump, climb, slide, swing, wobble, see-saw, chase, tickle, roll, stomp, throw, kick, spin.

Living in central London we have some fantastic parks just a short walk or bus journey away. My daughter’s absolute favourite
spot is Battersea park or on a hot, dusty summers day a jump through the fountains at Somerset House or a paddle in the
John Madjeski water garden at The V&A.

Where do you live and play?

Check out these play park designs from Danish duo “Monstrum” who mirror Tootsa MacGinty’s own philosophy when they say;

“We see the world as a place full of colour. We meet boys that like pink and girls that like trees, so why only play on a monkey frame
and in a sandbox, when you can play in a moon crater or a submarine or a giant spider or an enormous snail or a Trojans horse or a
rocket or an ant or a princess castle. The fantasy is infinite.”

Any money spent now on developing fantastic creations like these would no doubt save a tidy sum in the tragic and costly battle
against childhood obesity.
As playgrounds compete with video games, iPad aps, the internet and TV the sensation of hanging upside down on a cold metal monkey
bar just won’t do!

Sweden and Denmark have really upped the ante to offer the children of Gothenburg and Copenhagen something truly special. Bravo!



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