I See Faces

Did you know that if you have ever looked at an object or building and thought that it kind of looked like a face, it?s actually a psychological phenomenon known as pareidolia?

“Pareidolia involves a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant; it?s a form of apophenia (seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data).” These ones are quite funny!

But that is a man on the moon isn’t it? And the sun is smiling isn’t she?  Well, we like to think so.

Check out the Moon and Sun jumpers coming soon to the Tootsa collection, keeping the Cloud in good company.

“Dawa” jumper in Charcoal (moon) & Chocolate (sun) | Mortimere” jumper in Deep Blue (cloud)

Inspired by this, we have found 9 gorgeous items that come to life with their very own faces.

I-see-faces collage

1 Red Hand Gang hangers from Molly Meg / 2 Gladly Gladee banana pencil case 3 Snow Queen ceramic serving bowl from Marinski Handmades / 4 Lollipop origami notepaper set / 5 Pequeocio painting stones tutorial / 6 Yellow Bear recycle bags from More Cosy / 7 Kinska Shop Yellow Face Tumbler / 8 Charlotte Mei Bread Plate / 9 Our favourite, the Porter Colline Animal Pegs

posted by Lisa Dwyer Hogg

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