Say Goodbye To Plastic!

Did you know?  We’ve replaced our plastic mailing envelopes in favour of these gorgeous sturdy recycled paper bags.

The fact remains that the global fashion and textile industry is one of the most polluting and environmentally damaging industries, as such Tootsa are consciously making an effort to disrupt the current model, reduce throwaway fashion and find a way towards more sustainable practises. And by buying better, choosing well, and making it last we are well on our way!

As you know, plastic pollution is a serious issue and the environment is heading for disaster if we continue to use single-use plastic at the rate we’ve been consuming.

By replacing traditional plastic mailing envelopes with recycled paper we aim to reduce our impact significantly.

Paper boasts exceptional environmental credentials, as it is biodegradable, recyclable and comes from an infinitely renewable resource. Our mailing bags are made in the UK and are FSC®-accredited. Paper sourced in accordance with the FSC® standards is procured from certified suppliers who grow trees in managed forests, in a sustainable manner, so more trees are re-planted than are cut down.

Tootsa work hard with our manufacturers to produce quality, Organic garments that stand the test of time; Designed to be handed down to younger siblings, family or friends. We are firm believers in buying better and buying less – reducing the fashion industry’s strain on the environment.



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